Bear Claw Extracts CBD

Who is Bear Claw?

It’s Simple…

We are family.  We are friends.  We are entrepreneurs. We are committed outdoorsman who want everyone to experience the absolute best that life has to offer without daily suffering and without big pharma drugs.

Being active, outdoors and together as a family was what drove us to develop a company rooted in these values.

We pride ourselves in honesty, hard work and transparency.

What we do…

Here at Bear Claw, we use a boutique process to develop our products, but what does that mean?

The boutique process starts by fostering relationships with Organic American Hemp farmers who use honest, sustainable, and ecologically friendly farming methods to protect our planet and to protect your health.

Once we’ve hand-selected the absolute best Organic hemp we can find, we send it to our small-scale extraction facility in Denver, Colorado. During the extraction process, we are able to closely monitor every single step to ensure safety and quality.

We then use highly accredited third-party testing facilities to test and verify all of our products. This ensures that our customers receive only the best, safest, and most effective CBD products in the industry.

As active adventurers ourselves we want you to feel inspired by life and nature. We want you to feel physically encouraged to get out there, so you can Discover and Experience all the joys of this wonderful planet. Our premium, handcrafted CBD products will give you this encouragement without using addictive narcotics or other scary meds from big pharma.


Escape – From those scary and addictive big pharma prescription pill regiments…

Discover – The multitude of benefits offered by CBD

Experience – A new way of life with heightened health and wellness!

Our Founding Principles

We believe in transparency in everything we do – you can depend on us.

We use “Boutique grown” Organic Hemp from small, N. California based family farmers.

We’re committed to only using proven, safe methods of extraction.

We’re outdoorsmen, so we understand the needs of active, fun-loving people.