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Bear Claw

It’s our mission to deliver a handcrafted selection of CBD products for the Active, the Adventurous, and the Outdoorsy, everywhere. When you or someone you love is faced with a health crisis, offering them opiates or mass-produced pharmaceuticals, containing ingredients and side effects that are often worse than the diagnosis itself, is not something that our family at Bear Claw wants anyone to have to experience…ever.

Transparency. Care. Compassion. Confidence.  This Boutique and Handcrafted mission, is a compelling purpose for Bear Claw Extracts.


“Work hard, play hard, get out there!

-Ryan, Co-Founder


Cousins & Founders

Bear Claw Founders Daniel and Ryan, have developed a strong family and working relationship since they were kids. Their legendary family ski trips to Bear Claw Lodge in the Northwoods of Wisconsin were inspiration that built an unbreakable foundation of Epic Discovery, and unforgettable experience together. These moments nurtured the bonds of trust and reliability as well – the very foundation of Bear Claw Extracts. 
Spending that time outdoors and together as a family drove the two cousins to develop their own vision for Bear Claw Extracts. The Bear Claw family has since then developed into a dynamic and enthusiastic group of outdoor adventurers from across the globe who are passionate about heightened health and wellness, lifelong discovery, epic experience, and unconditional love for family. 

One of our Family Farms in

Beautiful Northern California

What more does Bear Claw offer?

3rd Party Tested Bear Claw Extracts

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All Bear Claw products are 3rd party tested – so you don’t have to take it from us – anything you purchase from us is backed up by independent testing that provides you with Certificates of Analysis where you can see exactly what you’re getting.  You can depend on us and know you’re getting exactly what we promise!

Non GMO Ingredients in Bear Claw Extracts

Trust More

Get everything you need from one simple line of CBD products – we’re organically grown with loving care, non-GMO, Keto Friendly, Made in the US of A and grown in the clean Northern California Sunshine. 

Certificate of Analysis for Bear Claw Extracts

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You can depend on all our products for you and your loved ones.  If we say it’s Full Spectrum, then that’s what you’re getting.  All our products have recent certificates of analysis to verify that we deliver on our promises. 

Learn more at Bear Claw University

CBD is special because it does so much – and because it’s new, there’s a lot to know.  Don’t just guess about how much to use or when.  Take a little time to read our Education Page and if you want to learn more, check out Bear Claw University!

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