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It’s our mission to deliver a handcrafted selection of CBD products for the active, adventurous and outdoorsy, everywhere.

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Transparency is critical for us; We need people to know exactly what’s inside every bottle & batch so they can fully trust our quality, freshness & testing methods.” 

-Dan, Co-Founder

Organically Grown,
For You…

All Bear Claw raw hemp is California Grown using Organic Regenerative Practices, including certified seeds, germination media, organic compost,  organic fertilizers.


Our CBD is made from hand selected, high-grade hemp.

Read More about our farm & extraction process:
  • Strain: Suzy Q (Developed by Burning Bush Nurseries with Project CBD)
  • CBD Specifics: Rich strain with potent therapeutic effects. Low THC content of 1% and high CBD content measuring up to 25% (with outliers at 59%) helps treat symptoms with little or no euphoric high. Many people have reported relief from muscle aches and spasms, inflammation, chronic neuropathic pain, arthritis, and anxiety with few of none of the conventional cerebral, psychoactive effects, giving users uplifted feeling, lucid mind, and gentle calming effect.
  • Extraction Process: This highly-purified CBD distillate is extracted at our lab in Colorado from organically-grown hemp. The crude oil is extracted from the biomass via a denatured ethanol extraction process conducted at room temperature. We use a closed-loop system. It’s then winterized at subzero temps to remove all fats, waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and any other remaining cellular structure from the oil, via a proprietary filtration process. It’s then decarboxilated at high temps to convert all of the CBDA into CBD, and CBGA into CBG, and so on. The material is then run through a number of “short path distillation units” to remediate the winterized\\decarbed (w/d) crude via evaporative technologies into highgrade, full spectrum CBD distillate.
  • Lab Certification: Our lab is in the final step of being GMP certified.
Lab Tested CBD Stamp

Boutique Processing

Why it works


Small batch processing is so important to us; it’s at the core of what helps us maintain a level of quality control and freshness that drives Bear Claw Extracts. Making products with Organic ingredients and Organic U.S. grown Hemp became one of the founding principles for Bear Claw Extracts and it’s this principle that has our customers coming back again and again.

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