CBD Oil Tincture

Embrace an Active Lifestyle with Full Spectrum CBD Oil

There are many options available for people who wish to experience a highly active lifestyle without the discomfort that comes after a serious workout. However, finding the highest quality products available in the marketplace can be challenging. Bear Claw Extracts provides access to a wide selection of natural, full spectrum tinctures grown from our high-grade, California-grown hemp and featuring a rich mixture of natural terpenes, minerals, and vitamins. Developed and refined to provide swift and thorough absorption following a workout, our complete range of products has something to offer everyone living an active lifestyle. Experience the difference today and try our full spectrum CBD oil for yourself.

How Your Body Benefits from Full Spectrum Tinctures

At Bear Claw Extracts, we use high quality materials to produce effective and natural products that are ideal for addressing common aches and pains experienced by the body after strenuous physical activity. Our strain, Suzy Q, boasts a high CBD content for the best possible impact on your body. To use our full spectrum tinctures, simply place a full dropper under the tongue, and you’ll soon enjoy the effects of the strain. With high bioavailability and delicious flavors including peppermint and original, you can enjoy fast and effective relief for your post-workout symptoms. Our tinctures are also available in a range of strengths for your convenience.

Shop Online for Quality Full Spectrum CBD Products Today

Why suffer from post workout aches and pains when you can achieve natural relief? Bear Claw Extracts offers a full range of full spectrum tinctures in California, Colorado, and other active outdoor communities throughout the United States. Browse our products today, or to learn more, reach out to our team at (855) 682-1600.


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