As an athlete, fitness is always your number one priority. A big hurdle in keeping up with fitness goals for athletes is recurrent muscle pain. Muscle injury, muscle soreness, and taut muscles are a part of an athlete’s life.

They have to be dealt with one way or another. But the most painful part about muscle injuries is that recovery is painfully slow. You have to stay inactive for months to let your muscles heal from the trauma.

The modern world is fast-paced. People are looking for quick solutions to everything. Time-taking procedures do not seem an option to people anymore. Everything has a quick solution that the masses prefer.

Like all others, athletes also prefer quick solutions to all their problems. The use of CBD seems a promising and fast way to relieve muscle pain. Since its popularity, its use has been increasing among the masses. It is specifically being used to curb pain caused by various reasons.

What happens to muscle damage?

More and more athletes are moving to the use of CBD to get rid of muscle pain faster than the traditional methods. Although CBD requires consistency to treat pain, the general use is less hectic than going to a doctor and getting yourself examined and doing the follow-up.

Also, apart from a notable muscle injury, daily exercise leads to the tearing of muscles at the microscopic level. Targeted muscle workout exerts stress on it, and the muscle is subject to more damage. When you are done with the training session, the immune system signals start muscle repair. This process may leave you with soreness or muscle pain, depending on the degree of damage caused initially.

What does CBD do?

In this situation, CBD can be beneficial, especially in topicals or creams. It affects the body in various ways, which combine to eliminate the pain from the muscles.

First of all, CBD intake impacts your mood and sleep. These two are critical factors for any healing procedure. CBD also affects any inflammation or pain in your body. This effect is the central part that contributes to healing.

But a drawback of using CBD topicals for pain relief is that the comfort is localized. You should always consult your doctor for the advanced degree of muscle injury. Here, a CBD topical won’t be as effective.

Recommended dosage

To start with, you have to take small doses. For a beginner, a daily 20-milligram dose would be sufficient. A 20-milligram amount is seen to produce a result in athletes. But people take doses of as much as 300 milligrams.


In short, treatment by CBD is a temporary fixture. For the small degree of injury, it goes a long way or may become the final solution to the damage. But if the injury is of a greater extent, a CBD topical won’t be able to help you much. Although the benefits are tremendous, you require consistency with CBD to gain results.